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shalise nichols, blissfolds founder
shalise began yoga with the quest to find an exercise that she could grow old with. the yoga deck was her first option, bikram, hatha, diet, and so on lead to the growth of her practice. this was the beginning of her life change and yoga journey. as understanding of the yoga principals expanded, she thought of the effect yoga could have in children. Here the journey presented itself. in sharing yoga, shalise strives to find ways to positively change the planet. that addition has made the yoga journey planetary.

with seven years of yoga experience, shalise began training through global family yoga in august 2008 and attained the 200 hour certification for hatha yoga children and family in may 2009. blissfolds in motionshe created blissfolds to empower children of all ages through yoga. the blissfolds mission is to empower children of all ages through yoga to cherish their bodies, embrace their intuition, and actively take part in making a future for our planet. in its essence, blissfolds strives to strengthen the family and communities.

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What We Offer


babybliss is a wonderful time for the little ones to bond, explore balance, motor skills, blissfolds' songs, and communication.


School Enrichment
after-school classes full of yoga poses and exploration of yoga music, blissfolds' songs, pics and videos, tuning in, and sharing yoga with other students within the school.


Yoga in Nature
along side the trees, gazing into the sky, blisscamp builds awesome bonds with friends while encouraging exploration and imagination. Chats in the grass about clouds, animals and life make blisscamp an inspiring yoga class that is summer perfection.